Hearing Aids

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OFFER: Trade in your old hearing aids and get £1,000 OFF the price of a new set!

Terms & Conditions Trade in offer only available when purchasing a pair of top level technology, e.g. Starkey Genesis AI 24 RIC R; normal price £3,550, trade in price £2,550. Traded in aids can not be NHS property. Offer ends Nov 2024.

Our family run team, care about your needs and are experienced in identifying hearing aids that will best match your lifestyle. As part of your FREE Hearing consultation, a demonstration of the latest hearing technology can be loaned to you, so you can experience the benefits of this fantastic new technology yourself.

Feel free to give us a call at 01482 870957 to address all your hearing-related requirements.

Types of Hearing Aids

With a wide range of hearing solutions, we can help pick the right hearing aid for you.
Behind The Ear instruments
RIC Rechargeable

ITE Rechargeable


BTE - Behind The Ear instruments, rest behind the ear and house the device’s technology. A clear plastic tube then directs amplified sound into an earmold inside the ear canal. BTE instruments are often the most durable hearing devices. Battery and Rechargeable options available.

RIC Rechargeable - Receiver In the Canal, these devices are discreet, incredibly quick to fit and perfect for many lifestyles and hearing losses.

With connectivity to Apps, the aids can be adjusted by the user. A RIC, places the miniature speaker directly in the ear canal, with the hearing aid technology sitting behind the ear. This design enhances both comfort and sound quality. Rechargeable options available.

ITE Rechargeable - In The Ear hearing instruments house their technology components in a custom made earmold that fits within the canal and outer portion of the ear.

With connectivity to assistive devices or Apps, these aids can be adjusted by the user. ITE’s are appropriate for wearers with Mild to Severe hearing loss and feature easy to use fittings, for those with dexterity issues.

CIC - Completely In the Canal instruments are smaller than ITE’s and fit within the canal space. Only the face plate with a battery door and small extraction handle can be seen from the entrance of the canal. Custom made to an individual's ear, these instruments are the most aesthetically appealing but are not suitable for every hearing loss and lifestyle. Battery operated only.

Working with Trusted Brands

Our hearing aid prices fall under 4 main categories

These are dependent on the level of technology. We offer the latest rechargeable, invisible and mobile app friendly hearing aids. All of our hearing aids come with a minimum 2-year guarantee and a 8 week money-back trial.


Starting from £1795 per pair. These are for users who have a less active lifestyle, and only require an instrument to improve clarity of speech.


Starting from £2195 per pair. For individuals who require enhanced technology, and expect comfort and clarity of speech within busy environments.


All of our hearing aids come with aftercare, find out more.


Starting from £2595 per pair.  For people who have a more active lifestyle and require a higher level of technology, so hearing becomes more effortless and natural .


Starting from £3095 per pair. These are the most sophisticated instruments ever produced, with features including Sound Analyser, Machine Learning, Mobile app Connectivity, and Soundsense.

We pride ourselves on offering great customer service, and great aftercare – to ensure you have the best experience possible whilst visiting us.

Our hearing aid aftercare package comes as part of the deal if you decide to keep the hearing aids. That means you never have to pay for;

  • Service appointment
  • Hearing aid adjustments
  • 2 - 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Free earwax removal for you and your immediate family
  • No restrictions on the number of appointments needed

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