What to expect in a hearing test

Your first appointment usually takes around 1 hour
Everybody’s hearing is different. That’s why we use a number of techniques and the latest technology to allow us to tailor your hearing care to your individual needs.

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Here’s what will normally happen during a hearing test:


After asking a few questions, the audiologist will examine the health of your ear canals and ear drums, ensuring that sound has a clear pathway through the structures of the middle and inner ears.

If there is compacted wax, we will perform Micro Suction (earwax removal).


Once your ears have been examined, you will be placed in custom built booth ready for your test. The audiologist will test your ears by playing sounds at different frequency's through a pair of headphones and asking you to press a button every time you hear a sound. 

They will then ask you to wear a special headband that will test how well you hear sounds through vibrations.


Once the test is complete, we like to sit down and show to you your audiogram results, explaining to you what it tells us about your hearing. Not every hearing loss requires a hearing aid, some just need small life adaptations.

If you need to wear a hearing aid, your audiologist will talk you through all the options that might be suitable for you. We also have demo aids for patients to use, whilst they are waiting for their order to arrive.

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